We at Chivas Circle made this site because we really love whisky and we want to share this love with the world! We hope that you have found our whisky tasting guide helpful in setting off on your own whisky adventures! We have provided an explanation of different whisky types and bottling processes to make navigating your way through the different malts and blends that much easier! Our tips on how to spot quality malt should help you learn recognize quality, but remember, there’s nothing like tasting it yourself – so open that decanted and get pouring! Take your time – remember, whisky is at its best savored. Be brave, fearless and adventurous and soon you’ll be a whisky expert. Make more money on online gambling casinos.

If there is anything that you feel we have missed, or if you just want to share a bit about your favorite whisky, then let us know via out ‘Contact Us’ page and we will get back to you as soon as possible!